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Fabinho: “For Liverpool a Good Season Means Trophies”

Liverpool’s new midfield signing made the move because he wants to win titles and trophies.

Liverpool FC via Getty Images

We’re days away from the start of another pre-season and a little more than a month from the kickoff to the 2018-19 Premier League season. And we’re into the buildup. The hope, the promise, the possibility. The chance that this year could be something special.

For Liverpool fans in particular, coming off the promise of 2017-18 and the club’s run to the Champions League final, there’s hope and excitement. About the club’s chances and about how a few new key arrivals will fit in and could improve an already strong side.

“I’ve been following the club closely in the last few years and they’ve improved greatly under Jürgen Klopp,” said one of those new signings, 24-year-old Brazilian star midfielder Fabinho who arrived from Monaco earlier in the summer in a £44M transfer deal.

“That’s what I wanted for my career—a move to a big club that knew they could count on me. When it was time for me to sign I couldn’t have been happier—a dream come true. You don’t sign for one of the biggest clubs in the world every day you know!”

It’s clear it’s not just the fans excited by the new season or the club’s prospects. Last season was good for Liverpool, and at times the squad looked tantalizingly close to greatness. Now, with an extra year’s experience and some key signings, they’re even better.

Not everything will go perfectly or according to plan—it never does, in the end. But there’s reason for hope; for optimism. There’s reason to believe that this is a Liverpool side capable of achieving great things after how close last season’s edition came.

“A club with Liverpool’s history wants you?” Fabinho added. “Come on, you just pack your bags and go! It will be an honour to wear the famous red shirt. Perhaps we can win the Champions League; we were so close to winning it last season.

“For a club like Liverpool, a good season means trophies. I’m optimistic about the future and I’m looking forward to winning a lot of titles with Liverpool.”

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