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Klopp Talk: Sturridge Always Has Chance of Liverpool Future

The manager is coy on the striker’s future but certainly sounds happy to keep him around.

Bury v Liverpool - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Let’s start by admitting a bias. We here at The Liverpool Offside like Daniel Sturridge. We know he has his detractors among Liverpool supporters, but there’s something about him that just makes us warm to him. Be it his natural talents, his heir of someone who has an actual personality off the pitch, his reminder of what once was in 2013/14, we don’t know. We just like the guy.

This is all relevant because it sounds like one Jürgen Klopp likes him too, or at least he’s willing to say nice things about the forward.

“I always said there is a future”, Klopp stated about Sturridge.

Admitting frustrations that “every year we talk about the same things” in regards to pre-season and players moving, he was keen to stress that “at the moment it’s all good and we don’t have to make decisions”.

“I don’t think about my players like this - like, maybe he’s in or out. With the young ones we make these decisions but not with the other guys. They show up, and it should be easy for me in the end.

“The window is still open, right? Is it closing tomorrow? Good.”

Unsurprisingly, Klopp is as relaxed as ever about the transfer window, and it’s obvious that he’s much more comfortable focusing on working with the players on the training ground than going shopping. Maybe this is all just talk and he’ll be sold before we know it, but that the manager seems reasonably happy to have Sturridge around isn’t a huge shock. It was Sturridge himself who pushed for a move in January, in an unsuccessful attempt to make England’s World Cup squad. Other than that, Klopp and Sturridge have always appeared to have a good relationship, even if the team sheets made it feel different.

There’s no getting away from the elephant in the room of his fitness problems, and yes, Daniel Sturridge will likely get injured at some point between now and the end of the season. But if Klopp decides to keep him around, he does have the ability to offer something different to the side, and his natural quality could be useful at times over the season.

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