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Official: Liverpool Unveil Throwback Third Kit

The club try to revive a low-key classic to mixed results.

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Rather belatedly, Liverpool have unveiled their third kit, a grey and white number to round out the lineup and that along with their all-red primary and all-purple away should at least ensure no need to awkwardly roll out the shirt of one kit with the shorts of another and the socks of the third.

Its grey triangles on a white background are meant to evoke 1989-91’s Candy away kit, and knowing where the design comes from and what it wants to achieve does help for viewing the new offering—which has generally been met with less excitement than the new home and away kits.

Still, at first glance, it’s fair to say the kit isn’t striking in the same way the home and away were when we first got to see them on the players—though this third kit, as with the red and purple before it, does look better in real life on the players than it did in pre-release leaks and mock-ups.

It’s interesting, too, to note the preservation of trim accents—here red, on the home kit white, and on the away orange—that remain consistent across the kits despite differing collar designs. Though it feels like for the third kit, more could have been done to tie the shorts in.

In the end, though, if it’s good enough for Naby to dance in, it’s good enough for us. And after two largely agreeable offerings this year, as the designated let’s take a chance on something different kit there’s nothing particularly wrong here, just one that doesn’t jump out as great.

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