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Mohamed Salah Denies Forgiving Sergio Ramos for Tackle

The Egyptian and Liverpool talisman hit back at Sergio Ramos’ claim that all was forgiven.

Real Madrid v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

While Sergio Ramos, last week, claimed that he and Mohamed Salah had made peace after Ramos brutally and purposefully injured Salah in the 30th minute of the most important game of his life, people will be shocked to discover that Salah does not share that sentiment.

“I spoke with Salah through messages, he was quite good,” Ramos is quoted as saying, amidst the Egyptian talisman’s frantic struggle to overcome the injury knowingly inflicted on him by Ramos in order to make it to the World Cup. This comment apparently nnot dismissive or unapologetic enough, Ramos added, “He could have played if he got an injection for the second half, I have done it sometimes.”

Man, this Ramos fella sure seems like a swell guy.

Roberto Firmino seems to share this opinion, as he branded Ramos’ comments about his friend and teammate “an idiot thing to say.”

When asked about this apparent joyfulness of spirit, Salah strangely had a different reaction.

“Ramos’ comments? It’s funny,” he said. ”My comment is that it’s always okay when the one who made you cry first, then makes you laugh. Maybe he could also tell me if I’m going to be ready for the World Cup?

”He sent me a message, but I never told him it was ‘okay.’ Was it a normal challenge? I don’t know. Maybe? When I fell to the ground, I had a mixture of physical pain and a lot of worry. Also anger and sadness for not being able to continue playing the Champions League final. Moments later, I also thought about the possibility of not playing in the World Cup and that was a devastating thought.”

It’s still up in the air whether Salah will be ready in time to face Uruguay when the World Cup kicks off in Russia. Right now, all Liverpool fans can do is hope for the best — and keep their fingers crossed for a Spain/Egypt clash in the knockout rounds.

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