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Trent Alexander-Arnold Says a Lot of Nice Things to the Media

He’s a good kid.

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England v Costa Rica - International Friendly Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

One of the nice things about the World Cup is how available the players from Liverpool are to conduct interviews. The England players particularly get a lot of (admittedly often nasty) time from the British press, with all eyes on them now that the club season is over. This was the case last week when The FA provided a big event for the country’s media to interview the whole squad, and plenty seemed to get a word in with our Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Talking about probably everyone at The Liverpool Offside’s least favourite topic at the moment - the Champions League final defeat to Real Madrid - Alexander-Arnold calls it “the closest thing to heartbreak that I have ever had”. He said that he was “just really disappointed. I felt like I let everyone down and I am sure the rest of the lads felt like that as well.

“You know the fans and everyone wanted us to win it – that was the point of everyone travelling over there and everyone wanted to bring the trophy back”.

Speaking of more positive things, the young right back spoke highly of James Milner, who Alexander-Arnold says “has taught me a lot”. He goes on to say that “he is one of the players who have been really successful in their career. He knows how to win things and how it’s done. He’s been a huge help to me this season.

“He always comes up to me before a big game and tells me just to keep playing the way I play, not change my game too much. That’s one of the things that has really hit home for me, just to play how I play and not change for anyone”.

In further Trent news, there was an in depth report on him by Dominic King of the Daily Mail, with King telling us among other things about a glowing report from one of his team mates.

“Any young player who has dreams of making it as a footballer in terms of professionalism, mentality and ability should look at Trent”, says Jordan Henderson. “He’s an example to any kid who wants to play at the top”.

It’s hard to disagree, Jordan.

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