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Klopp Talk: “We Always Make It a Little Bit More Exciting”

Liverpool are taking a top four race that seemed long decided in their favour to the final day. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

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West Bromwich Albion v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Thanks to a deep run in the Champions League, at times it’s felt as though Liverpool have been playing two games a week nearly the entire season—and with the midfield threadbare and the front three looking increasingly exhausted, that schedule has taken a toll.

Liverpool are a quality side, one with a starting eleven good enough to beat anyone in the league and Europe—as they’ve proven this year—but they lack depth. That’s made things difficult in recent weeks, but, finally, they’re getting a break—right before the end.

“I’m really happy that this very intense period is over now because we have one week to prepare for Brighton,” noted Jürgen Klopp, speaking to LFCtv about the final league game of the season. “We have one week—that feels like a year!—and we will use that.”

They’ll have to use it, both to recover their energy and prepare for a final league match that is likely to determine their top four fate following Sunday’s loss to Chelsea—something that seemed unthinkable only a month ago when the top four seemed secure.

Both Liverpool and Tottenham, though, have struggled in recent weeks, both showing the risks of a thin squad over a long and difficult season, and now both risk being beaten out by Chelsea. Both, though, at least still control their own destinies in the race.

Win, and they’re in. For Liverpool, that means the only thing that matters now is Brighton on the final day of the season and getting three points. After that, attention will turn to Kyiv and the Champions League final. For now, though, there’s only Brighton.

“It’s my life, it’s our life, that we always make it a little bit more exciting,” Klopp jokingly added of taking what seemed a sure thing to the final day. “We had these situations a few times and it will be, for sure, exciting because Brighton is in a good moment.

“But it’s all okay, as long as we have it in our own hands, life is good. We still have to take it then but we will try everything.”

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