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Liverpool Physio: Salah Thinks Injury Was Accidental

You’re a better man than all of us, Mo. But also wrong in this case.

Real Madrid v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

A great deal of ink—digital and otherwise—has been spilled over the exact intentions of Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos during his game-ending challenge on Mohamed Salah. Reasonable people, taking into account Ramos’s distinguished career as one of the game’s filthiest dark arts masters, have argued that it was a challenge made with malice, intended take out Liverpool’s biggest threat. Unreasonable people and/or Real Madrid fans, disagree.

In an interview with The Independent, Liverpool physio Ruben Pons says that Salah does not hold any ill-will toward the Real Madrid goon defender.

“Salah has not told me anything about Sergio Ramos,” Pons said.

“I don’t think he is angry with him. It was an accidental challenge.

“We knew that it was something serious as soon as he fell on the ground because he never complains. We feared the worst.

“I was devastated. I tried to keep him calm. I told him he couldn’t do anything about it now and that he should not worry. It was time to look for solutions and not regret that things had not worked out.”

Now, whether this is Mo being the world’s most forgiving (if a touch naive) person, Liverpool PR spin, or just putting the incident behind us because there’s nothing we can really do, it’s really impossible to say.

With his Champions League final cut short, and World Cup hopes in the balance, Salah might feel completely different privately. It is entirely possible Liverpool and his agent are asking him to keep a wraps on his true feelings. Plenty of people are pointing to the obvious and malicious nature of Ramos’s challenge, there is nothing to gain from the player going there as well.

Regardless, hopefully Salah can make the speedy recovery in time for the World Cup, and come back fresh and ready to right the wrongs in the upcoming season.

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