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Jordan Henderson: Brighton Game Was the First Final

The captain takes a typically humble view of things.

Liverpool v Brighton and Hove Albion - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Jordan Henderson, to the eternal irritation of certain corners of Twitter, is the captain of Liverpool Football Club. Liverpool will be playing in the Champions League final in two weeks’ time, led out by Jordan Henderson. If everything goes to plan and the reds win in Kyiv, the former Sunderland man who many seem to think can barely play the sport will be lifting the biggest trophy in club football.

Nonetheless, while many would either let this all go straight to their head or be crushed by the weight of the pressure, Henderson is typically doing it all in a professional manner. After the victory against Brighton on Sunday that secured a fourth place league finish, Henderson was totally unconcerned by the upcoming Champions League final. When BBC Sport’s Match of the Day program asked if he had thought about lifting the trophy, he replied with a simple “not really”.

“I try to just focus on what’s important and that was today [against Brighton]”, the Englishman went on to say. “The first final for us was today and we’ve come through with flying colours”.

Finally allowing himself to think of the big game coming up, Henderson added that “now we’ve got to keep training hard the next couple of weeks, keep listening to the manager and what he wants us to do in terms of the final.

“If we do that then we’ll give ourselves a good chance”.

Bringing the biggest moment of his career so far down to working hard and aiming to have “a good chance” is a typically level-headed example of Henderson’s character. Known to take his football seriously, he is clearly looking to prepare for this game like any other, secure in the belief that this is the best way to deliver on the night. It’s no surprise that he’s earned Jürgen Klopp’s trust on and off the pitch, with this kind of work ethic surely intended to run through the squad.

It is the players’ level headedness that allows the rest of us to dream of the sixth.

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