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Liverpool React to Bizarre Decision to Award Harry Kane an Extra Goal

We’re pretty sure Salah’s going to score a hat-trick against Bournemouth now. Or maybe two of them.

Manchester City v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Second Leg Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images,

With fans and, one imagines, the players still buzzing following Tuesday night’s victory over Manchester City that sends Liverpool to the Champions League semi finals, it was probably fair to ask if there was any chance of a letdown on the weekend against Bournemouth.

With the top four race largely over, where is the motivation meant to come from to face a mid-table league opponent following a physically and mentally draining night like Tuesday? Turns out it might come via Spurs and Harry Kane, who appear to have given Liverpool’s players an amusing rallying point.

Namely, to get Mo Salah a hat-trick (or two) following the league’s rather bizarre decision to grant Kane a goal that was originally awarded to his teammate Christian Eriksen and with multiple angles appearing to clearly show he never made contact with the ball.

Salah himself kicked things off, seemly unimpressed by the league’s decision:

And his teammates were then quick to chime in, with Simon Mignolet going topical and proving he keeps up with the news along the way:

Some former players, pundits, and even clubs then got in on the fun, wondering if they still had time to pad their goal tallies by way of a few dubious additions:

For the record, here are a couple of telling angles for Kane’s “goal,” officially his 25th of the season in the league. It probably won’t help him given Salah has 29. Plus however many he scores against Bournemouth now.

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