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Loris Karius Is Putting Out Some Major World-Class Save Vibes

The Liverpool goalkeeper raised his profile again with a world-class save in the Reds win over Newcastle at Anfield,

Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Today was a good day for Loris Karius. He left Anfield with pep after coming up big for Liverpool in the home match against Newcastle United. The Reds were up 1-0 and trying to see out the first half when some last minute Newcastle activity ended with Mo Diame taking a shot at goal that nearly put the visitors level. But Karius came up with a big save after having been mostly inactive for much of the match. It was a save that kept Liverpool in control going into the second half and turned the Karius narrative dial further towards the positive.

“It is exactly the life of a top-class goalkeeper,” said Klopp after the match. “If you are at a top team, you have not a lot to do but when you have something to do you need to be there. And he was there, so it’s a good thing.

“It’s better that they had the finish and he could make the save than if they couldn’t have shot the ball at the goal because then nobody speaks about the goalkeeper. So, it’s good.

“It was fantastic. It was like scoring, to be honest.”

Jürgen Klopp has always maintained his confidence in Loris Karius. It was just a matter of whether or not the German keeper would need more time than anticipated to become Liverpool’s number one. For many, Karius stepping up to replace Simon Mignolet was seen as temporary move until a player of higher quality could be brought in over the summer. And that could be true.

But lately Karius is showing signs of a growing confidence standing back there between the posts, repaying his manager’s faith with strong performances.

“Look, if he was not a good goalkeeper I would be the biggest idiot in world football if I line him up,” Klopp said.

“Maybe a few people think I am, but he is an outstandingly skilled goalkeeper. The start was not very good and in our life people make their assessment immediately and say the start was bad so there’s nothing.

“He needed time and needed the situation, he needed the training with John [Achterberg] and now he is playing. Thank god he is playing well. That’s the situation.

“There is no goalkeeper without any mistakes in the world. For goalkeepers, the timing is important. The best thing is that you don’t make a mistake in the first fifty games. Then people think you are the best. And you can be responsible for three goals in a row but people still think ‘but he is world-class.’

The Loris Karius Success Story is a narrative I look forward to actually experiencing in the future. But as the manager concluded the subject today, Karius is performing well in the moment and that is enough for the player and the team for now.

“He has had a few good games, that’s good for us,” said Klopp. “Let’s carry on.”

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