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Michael Owen Jumps On the Blockchain with Bitcoin Competitor

You can now invest in Owen’s Own Coin. No, we are not making this up. Yes, the future is weird.

Ascot Races Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

Former Liverpool striker Michael Owen is issuing a cryptocurrency. It’s going to be called the Own Coin. So. Let’s get it out of the way right off the top: we’re pretty sure this is not a joke. Probably.

Also, yes, we know, we still don’t have flying cars, but the future is one heck of a lot weirder than you ever could have imagined.

Owen is, apparently, teaming up with Global Crypto Offering Exchange—or GCOX, with the X in there because I guess it’s an x-treme x-change or something—as an early investor along with boxer Manny Pacquiao as the company looks to establish a platform for athletes and celebrities the world over to release their own cryptocurrencies.

Which means that if the trailblazing Own Coin goes well you’ll probably be able to get yourself some Bieber Bucks or invest in CoinR7 or maybe even get a PeléReal or three with GCOX providing the cryptowhatsit back end and taking their cut of every transaction.

Or something. I mean, we mostly don’t actually care about the nuts and bolts of it. We just care that Michael Owen is a ground floor investor in a celebrity cryptocurrency trading platform that may or may not be on the level but in any case is an actual thing that he’s actually investing in and actually talking about in public.

“The world evolves, and I think sometimes you’ve got to be brave,” Owen told CNBC. About his decision to launch his own cryptocurrency.

Well, alright then, we muttered in response, not having much of value to add to all this and mostly torn between being disdainfully amused and mildly terrified. Because we really have no idea here beyond knowing that this is definitely weird.

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