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Roberto Firmino in the “Best Moment” of His Career

The Liverpool attacker has come into his own as a striker this season and the results have been impressive.

Liverpool v Watford - Premier League Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Roberto Firmino has 23 goals in all competitions, with 14 of those coming in the Premier League. It’s an impressive return by any standard—but it’s a return that at times has been overshadowed Mohamed Salah’s, with the Egyptian attacker having 36 goals overall and a stunning 28 in the league.

Without Salah leading the way, Firmino would right now stand third amongst Premier League scorers. Firmino, though, says he isn’t worried about his own efforts in front of goal being overshadowed. And he’d like to remind you that fellow Liverpool attacker Sadio Mané has been doing his bit, too.

“No way, we have very good chemistry,” Firmino replied when asked about whether as an attacker he felt pressure or competition playing alongside Salah. “Many speak of the strength of our attack, which also has Mané, but we have a team full of great quality that is effective in attack.

”We have to think collectively. The more players score, the better. It’s the best moment of my career. I’m happy because things are very positive in my life; on the personal side and also on the professional side. The good moment our team is in helps a lot too, the team fits together very well.”

Between them, Liverpool’s attacking trio have 73 goals and 34 assists this season, and while in the league alone Salah has scored more often than seventh-place grinders Burnley, the trio’s 50 league goals is more than anyone outside the top six has—just two shy of Chelsea’s total and five off Arsenal.

With the defence looking more solid so far in 2018, it certainly looks a good moment for this side—and beyond the goals and the assists, Firmino’s tenacity, his tireless running, and his tactical nous has played a major role in that, particularly following the departure of Philippe Coutinho.

“We changed the way we played after his exit,” Firmino added, saying his focus is on what he can do at Liverpool now—and in the future. “Which team would not like to have a player of the quality of Coutinho? But he continued his life at Barcelona and Liverpool remained strong.

“I do not dwell on that, I just worry about playing well and helping Liverpool go as far as possible in the Premier League. If that is achieved by me scoring goals, even better.”

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