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Sky Sports Suspend Jamie Carragher Until the End of the Season

The former Liverpool player has had his suspension prolonged until the end of the Premier League campaign.

Boxing at Echo Arena Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Ever since Jamie Carragher was caught on camera spitting at a Manchester United fan, there has been speculation as to the ultimate fallout. Carragher, for his part, was quick to issue a seemingly sincere apology, and Sky Sports acted quickly to suspend the pundit while they weighed their options.

Now, it seems that Sky Sports is extending the suspension until at least the end of the 2017/18 Premier League season. Moreover, the broadcaster has left the door open for further action.

“Following an internal review, Sky has suspended Jamie Carragher for the remainder of the football season,” Sky Sports said in a statement.

“Jamie has taken full responsibility for what has happened and we will ensure he gets the help he needs to guarantee something like this never happens again.

“Before the start of the next season we will sit down with Jamie to discuss whether he is ready to return to his role.”

This move is probably for the best for all parties involved. Although Carragher’s on-camera punditry has been top-notch, he will need to be a better representative off-camera going forward. And in light of this incident, the probability of future ill-fated run-ins with opposition fans is more likely, not less.

Hopefully Carra can find some good and effective anger management techniques to help him avoid repeats of this nasty incident in the future.

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