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Should Liverpool Have Been Awarded a Penalty Against United and Would That Have Made Anything Better?

Jurgen Klopp was adamant his side deserved a draw against Manchester United but that’s like his opinion.

Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

One would hope that Liverpool getting something from the match with Manchester United wouldn’t hinge on the team being awarding a penalty but sometimes that’s the way these things go. Jurgen Klopp certainly thought his side had played well enough to earn a point and that a spot kick should have been awarding to the Reds after Sadio Mane went down in the box after a collision woth Marouane Fellani.

”It should have been a penalty around the Fellaini siruation and Sadio,“ said Klopp. “It was the best piece of football in the game.

”A little one-two between the two, free in the box. We need that. Now we lost 2-1. You can say we deserved it because we were good enough around situations, but we caused United a lot of problems.

”We need to be a bit more lucky in these situations. That’s the result and we have to take it.”

In the end Liverpool lost the match to their biggest rivals because they were mostly second best throughout the ninety minutes. The only goal afforded to Klopp’s side was an own goal by United after a sloppy defensive stance by Bailly deflected Mane’s crossed ball passed a hopeless David de Gea.

But you may believe that the late surge of energy from Liverpool to salvage a draw was enough to earn the team some kind of consolation prize. If so, you’ve got a friend in the manager.

”I think if the end was a draw no one could have a big argument about that,” Klopp added. ”We came back minute by minute in the game, put them under pressure, good moments, good passes in the box, Robbo on the touchline.”

I don’t know about that. I think Liverpool got beat at Old Trafford and that’s that. It stings. But now there’s only the next eight games. This one is done. And that’s the best thing about it, really.

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