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Hans Leitert: Liverpool’s Mysterious “Goalkeeping Consultant”

Apparently the Liverpool coaching staff has had a little help since 2016, in the form of Austrian coach Hans Leitert.

Liverpool FC Training Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

One of the most consistently true laws of the Internet has to be Godwin’s Law, “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches 1.”

The Liverpool version of this, at least in the last several years, has to be Mignolet’s Law, “As an online discussion of defending grows longer, the probability of involving goalkeeping coach John Achterberg approaches 1.”

Such #AchterbergOut-ers will be happy to know that The Echo confirmed rumors today that Liverpool has sought outside help since 2016. That help is from “goalkeeping consultant,” former Austrian international goalkeeper and Tottenham coach Hans Leitert. Leitert has also authored the book, “The Art of Goalkeeping.”

Leitert’s name began circulating this week when former Austrian international Helge Payer falsely referred to him as “head of goalkeeping” at Liverpool. This, unfortunately, is untrue. However, it is now revealed that Leitert has been consulting Jurgen Klopp & Co. on goalkeeper recruitment.

The timescale seems to line up with Klopp seeking out Loris Karius’s services from Mainz 05, which, regardless of your personal feelings for the German goalkeeper, improved our options between the sticks. Apologies to Adam Bogdan.

And if Klopp decides to shell out the big bucks for an Alisson Type or Jan Oblak Type, Leitert will likely be involved in the process of scouting incoming ‘keepers.

The decision to go public with this news might just be a result of the club reacting to the earlier leak about Leitert’s involvement. Or, perhaps it is something more, a trial balloon to pave the way for a Achterberg-less future? Well, we can always dream, I suppose.

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