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Loris Karius Determined To Prove Himself

Karius wants to prove that he deserves the number one spot.

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One of the biggest storylines of Liverpool’s season has been the battle between Loris Karius and Simon Mignolet for the number one goalkeeper position. For half the season the two rotated the position, but it seems that Klopp has finally settled on Karius for the job.

Still eager to prove himself, Loris Karius did an admirable job in a difficult situation against Tottenham over the weekend. The keeper had one of his best performances for the club, which included saving the first of two dodgy penalties awarded to Spurs.

After the game, Karius has said that he wants to continue building on that good game and believes that he can prove to be the goalkeeper Liverpool needs long term.

“I wasn’t begging in the other games: ‘Please, please, I need a save.’ I knew it would come. I had more to do against Tottenham and I tried to help the team,” he explained. “I’ve been working well on the training pitch. My head is right. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from last season and I feel good.

“You can’t go crazy about the speculation. When I look at the training, I think we do have good quality already with the keepers. I think we’ve been a bit unlucky at times. Often you don’t have much to do. Then if you don’t do something 100% right it weighs a lot heavier than for other goalies at smaller clubs who have several more saves to make in a game. That’s life at a big club like Liverpool and you have to deal with it.

“I just want to present myself well and then I’ll have the chance to play at this club for the next season as well. That’s the challenge facing me personally. I also want to help this team achieve as much as we can.”

About his patchy first half of the season, he continued, “It was difficult in the first half of the season but I didn’t do too bad. I still had high quality games in the Champions League and I knew my chance would come in the Premier League. I went in and out of the team a bit but I showed the manager that when he needs me I’m there.

“Of course I was happy with the decision (to make him No 1). You get more in a routine game by game but I know I need to keep performing.”

The next match will be away to Southampton, a fixture that has proved tricky for the Reds in the past. With any luck, we’ll see more of that good form from Karius with less of that bad breaks for Liverpool.

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