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Sadio Mané on Confidence, Chemistry, and Heading in “the Right Direction”

The Liverpool star has high hopes not just for this season at the club but future ones as well.

Liverpool v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Chemistry can be a tricky thing. It seems clear teams that have it tend to play better than the sum of their parts, but there’s no certain route to ensuring a team has it. The manager plays a role, and the players do, but there’s never any guarantee.

Right here and now, though, it’s clear Liverpool are a team with great chemistry. A team that enjoy playing together. And that in recent weeks that has begun to lead to better results. For Sadio Mané, that’s something well worth celebrating.

“The team spirit is good and the confidence is here so I think we are in a good way,” Mane told The Liverpool Echo. “I think the power for this team is that every single player is always very happy playing with each other. We always try to help each other.

“I think that is the team’s power and the team’s purpose. Every single player would love to play in this team. We are lucky boys and we are going to keep trying to work hard and give our best when we take our places on the pitch to continue to try and win.”

Mané, though, isn’t just talking about winning in the present. In what will be music to the ears of fans, he’s talking about the longer term prospects of this squad. Yes, there’s the promise of this season—but it’s not just about this season.

Liverpool are in a good place now, full of confidence, a team that clearly enjoys playing together, but in the larger picture this is also a group that believes it’s moving towards real accomplishments, towards success and silverware.

“I can sense that the club is moving in the right direction,” he added. “There were a couple of difficult years at Liverpool a while back but those things happen to every single club in the world. At the moment we are in a good way so everything is possible.

“I think we have improved a lot in the past few months. We know that on our day we can beat any team in the world.”

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