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Gerrard: Expect Liverpool To Attack

Perhaps the Liverpool legend also expects them to wear Red?

Liverpool v Stoke City: U18 Premier League Photo by Nick Taylor/Liverpool FC/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

There is only so much that can be said about a football match. And in the hours or build-up, far exceeding the actual length of the match itself, blindingly obvious statements are bound to happen. Just ask Michael Owen.

In breaking down the match for BT Sport, former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard came to the obvious conclusion that this Liverpool side look better attacking than defending.

“It suits this Liverpool team to go out and play on the front foot,” Gerrard said, explaining the obvious.

“They like to press and be aggressive. They have been scoring very well and I think they will have huge confidence that they can go out and score in this tie. If you can get an away goal it gives you a huge advantage.

“Listening to the Liverpool players and Jurgen Klopp you can tell that they are confident and are playing well so it is all set up to be a great tie.

“I think both teams will fancy their chances of going through,” he added. “Porto are going very well in their domestic league and they always prioritise the Champions League so I’m sure they are going to be ready.”

So, Liverpool will attack and both sides think they can go through. Great stuff.

Of course Liverpool will be looking to score goals, especially away from home (as they have been successful in doing both in the Champions League and Premier League). Of course they’ll press, and believe they can win.

There are only so many things that can be said about a Jurgen Klopp team that plays a certain brand of heavy metal gegenpressing football. And Stevie G said them. So, now that we have that out of the way, let’s play some football already.

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