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Klopp Talk: It was a “Wild Game”

The boss knows how important a win this was.

Liverpool FC v Arsenal FC - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Liverpool took another step closer to the Premier League title with yesterday’s 5-1 win over Arsenal. Though he may not want to be drawn into these discussions, Jürgen Klopp knows it.

“It’s clear it was a wild game”, Klopp told BBC Sport. “We were really good and did exactly what we wanted to do.

We wanted to press them and cut off their build-up. They pressed us as well so it was wild. But then when you get the ball you need to calm down.

”The response was world-class. We knew in the second half that the game wasn’t finished so we wanted to control it. Mo Salah gave the penalty to Bobby and I almost cried because we all know how much Mo wants to score goals. It was really nice.

”Overall 5-1 against Arsenal doesn’t happen too often so I’m really happy with the boys. In 2018 I have nothing to moan about.”

Speaking more of his side’s ambitions, Klopp later added that Liverpool “came into season and if we could qualify for the Champions League it would be brilliant. Do I feel that is already done? No.

“If the fans are not in a good moment [right now] it would be crazy.

“Maybe New Year’s Eve will be a bit louder - maybe not too loud, my dog doesn’t like it. Enjoy it but be ready again 3 January.

”If we drop three points, you [the media] will be the first to say that we’re nervous. We can’t play that game and we won’t do it.

”At the moment it’s a marathon that we’re running.

”When you are running a marathon with new trainers and a new shirt, everyone around you says it’s amazing but you’re the one who has to run. That’s the situation.”

Klopp always likes to downplay expectations. But the undeniable truth is that this is as good as it’s been in decades for Liverpool right now. Just keep up the hard work and the title could finally, finally, be on its way to Anfield.

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