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Andy Robertson Heralds Liverpool’s Dressing Room Atmosphere

Sounds like the right balance of harmony and big personalities.

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Watford FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Alex Broadway/Getty Images

It had been remarked for many years that Liverpool’s dressing room was “quiet”. It’s a quality that Steven Gerrard, for example, often spoke of. No more?

According to Andrew Robertson, the situation seems to be quite different, with Liverpool’s strong personalities having positive arguments.

“There were a couple of arguments out there today. A couple of things that needed to be said – and they were said”, Robertson told The Telegraph. “We all have the attitude that if someone says something to you, you have to take it on the chin and if you don’t agree with it, you deal with it at full-time or half-time and speak to one another.”

“When you are out on the pitch and it’s 100 miles an hour you don’t have time to discuss why something was said to you. We have spoken together as a team. We do discuss things. We have said that’s it’s having that honesty between us which is important.

“Whether it’s the youngest player, someone like Trent [Alexander-Arnold] tells you to do something and he believes it’s right, then you do it. And you can go back and ask Trent for an explanation later – if you haven’t agreed with it, obviously.

“When people are arguing on the pitch, it can have a negative effect and you can get distracted. I think that’s something the lads have done really well since the start of the season. It shows the respect between us.”

Moving on to talk of the Premier League title, the left back added that the players “believed we could fight for it from the start of the season. Whether or not we could be contenders you only find out at the end of the season. When someone has that ‘C’ next to their name on the Premier League table. Whether that’s us Manchester City or Tottenham, whoever, that’s when it’s over.”

There are a lot of qualities required to win a Premier League title. Talent is obviously one, as is a strong tactical coherence. Having the right atmosphere in the dressing room is definitely a big factor, and one which Liverpool have lacked in the past. That things seem to be right at the moment is a huge step.

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