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Fabinho Confirms: Moreno is an Honorary Brazilian

If only he played like one...

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Sevilla FC & Liverpool FC Training Sessions Photo by Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images

This morning, the club’s official site released an interview with Liverpool summer signing Fabinho. Sure, we could talk about his discussions with Jurgen Klopp over tactics, or what it’s like to play in the Premier League. But more importantly, what’s it like to be a teammate with Alberto Moreno?

“My teammates have helped me a lot as well,” Fabinho said of adjusting to life on Merseyside. “Obviously I’m closer to the Brazilian players because of the language and these are things that help me both on and off the pitch.

“And I didn’t know Alberto [Moreno] before I came here, but it’s like we’ve been friends forever. He’s a really fun guy and is always with us.

“All of us in the squad get on great, but I think it’s normal to be closer to your compatriots and Alberto, who speaks Spanish, which is quite easy for us to understand. This closeness really helps us to settle in generally.

“The city as well: me and my family really like it so we feel at home in Liverpool.”

Alberto Moreno. Hoverboard enthusiast. Mini golf maestro. Andy Robertson understudy. And social glue. What a lad.

On a serious note, it’s nice to see someone took over the latin board game night from Lucas. On an actual serious note, it’s nice to know that even though Albi has been relegated to the bench (or worse), he’s still an integral part of making this Liverpool squad a cohesive unit.

Although Moreno is not our first choice left back, he’s still clearly important to the squad, and someone who would be missed if he goes this summer (as is expected). This is not to say we should keep him around just to keep the Brazilians happy, but it’s a good thing nonetheless, especially since the Brazilians are so important to this squad.

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