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Alexander-Arnold Talks About His Brilliant Goal

The young full-back explains how that fortuitous free kick came to be.

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Watford FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League

We can talk best kinds of goals all day. Is it a showy bicycle kick that gets the nod? A long-range stunner that never should have found its way to the back of the net? A bit of individual brilliance dance around a handful of defenders before slotting in the bottom corner?

Whatever your preferences are, surely there’s some room in your heart for a perfectly placed free kick like the one scored by young Trent Alexander-Arnold against Watford on Saturday to give Liverpool a two-goal cushion. It starts with the mystery of who is going to take it as the teams set up, followed by that moment of tension waiting for the referee to blow his whistle. And then the ball is hit so perfectly, you can tell from the second it leaves the player’s boot that it’s going to sail over the wall and right into the sweet spot where the keeper can’t touch it.

Those are the kinds of goals that make football worth watching, and Alexander-Arnold is showing himself capable of scoring those worldies when the mood strikes. It’s certainly a nice trait to have in a full-back.

When asked about his effervescent goal, Alexander-Arnold admitted that manager Jürgen Klopp had designated him and teammate Xherdan Shaqiri to take the free kicks that day.

“Before the game, me, Hendo, Millie, everyone was joking about who would take it,” he told the official site. “I think Hendo wants one so he stepped up with the ball in his hand. Then he passed it to me because the gaffer said before the game that me and Shaq would be on them. So that’s why when you look back at it, me and Hendo had a little moment together when we celebrated as a bit of a joke.

“It’s always good to be able to score and contribute to a win; we were happy to get the win first and foremost.”

That was clearly the right call, and if Trent could mature into Liverpool’s official free kick taker, that would be an added gift in the arsenal of an already extraordinarily talented player.

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