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Jürgen Klopp “Happy” to See Naby Keïta Back with Guinean National Team

Normally, the Liverpool manager doesn’t like losing his players, but in Keïta’s case the player needs game time.

SSC Napoli v Liverpool - UEFA Champions League Group C

For the most part, the arrival of another international break is bad news, at least as far as the club managers are concerned. Their best head off, potentially on long journeys and to play on questionable pitches, and they have no control over what happens.

And what happens is often injuries. Or at least that’s how often feels. Still, while on the whole Jürgen Klopp would, like most managers, prefer not to lose his players this week, in a few cases he’s willing to admit the international break might be a good thing.

“If you ask me, I always want them to stay here,” Klopp said. “But [for Naby Keïta], it’s good for him. Guinea play just one game against Ivory Coast. He is fit and has been in training for five days and ow he’ll play a game so it’s brilliant for him. I’m happy.”

The November international break tends to involve a lighter schedule than the September and October ones, and this year is no different, with most of Liverpool’s players only off to play once with their national teams over the coming week.

There will be a few exceptions, though, as Brazil take on Uruguay and Cameroon in a pair of friendlies while England have two matches—Wayne Rooney’s controversial farewell match against the United States and a Nations League tie with Croatia.

The good news for Klopp and Liverpool is that both of Brazil’s friendlies are being played in England. As for the England games, that only one is a competitive match should hopefully mean a lighter workload for Liverpool’s representatives.

“Most of the players have only one game,” Klopp added. “England and Brazil have two games so not too cool. It’s good that the Brazilians are at least in England and not somewhere so the stress of the travel won’t be too much.”

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