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Klopp Supports UEFA Action on FFP Violations

If the leaked reports about Man City’s €2.7 billion worth of illegal investments are true, Klopp believes there should be consequences.

Liverpool Training Session and Press Conference
Hey City and PSG, GTFO.
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The leaked reports of major financial malfeasance by Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City are still reverberating around world football, though the outcome (if any) remains unclear.

According to the reports, Qatar and Abu Dhabi pumped €4.5 billion of illegal money into PSG and City, falsifying sponsorship deals in order to make the money appear legitimate. Of that €4.5 billion, €2.7 billion found its way into the Man City coffers.

When asked about the story, first broken by German publication Der Spiegel, Klopp shied away from the specifics, but supported Financial Fair Play and action against those who may have flouted its rules.

“I heard about the Der Spiegel story, but I didn’t read it so far,” Klopp said in his pre-match press conference. “It’s really difficult to comment but what I can say in general is that FFP is a really good thing. But we always thought that.

”If it’s in place, they (UEFA) have to do something with it. I have no clue what happens, I know it is about Paris obviously and Man City.

”I’m not sure if other clubs are being talked about as well. That’s all I can say. I think FFP is a really good thing because it sets the rules and stuff like that.

”If everything is fine, then everything is fine. If not, then somebody should do something.”

Klopp’s stance on FFP can hardly be surprising, given his liberal-leaning moral compass and history as a football manager.

Obviously Liverpool’s recent (and current) history with Manchester City (and PSG!) makes any complaints by Klopp or the club seem inherently disingenuous. Any retroactive punishments could directly benefit Liverpool, including the outcome of the 2013/14 Premier League and the 2015/16 League Cup.

However, other clubs around Europe are considering direct action against PSG and City. La Liga has even proposed taking the issue to the European Commission on the grounds of anti-competitive behavior, if UEFA fails to act.

Sadly, there is every chance that nothing will come of these allegations. UEFA, like just about every football association from FIFA on down, is highly corrupt and cares far more about their own bottom line than about trifling things like “morality” or “ethics.” Having perennial powerhouses like City and PSG have been probably been good for the Champions League on balance, and therefore, good for UEFA.

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