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Jürgen Klopp: “Let’s Really Have the Best Time of Our Lives”

The Liverpool manager is full of gratitude for the atmosphere that supporters bring to match days.

Liverpool v Paris Saint-Germain - UEFA Champions League Group C Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Jürgen Klopp voiced some frustration with the Anfield crowd when he was new on the job as Liverpool manager. He was frustrated but so were the supporters after lots of ups and downs in the preceding seasons. But Klopp couldn’t wait for the performances of his new team to inspire supporters into action. He addressed the diehard locals and pleaded with them to believe now that something good is coming. Chant and sing now. Roar and believe in the power it can have on the players.

After three years at Melwood, Klopp is looking back on his early days at Liverpool and enjoying all that he and the club and the supporters have accomplished together.

“I really wanted from the first day that the people know about their importance,” said Klopp. “In football, people always say it - that supporters are important - but then you don’t treat them like that so you have to make sure it’s really a healthy relationship.

“We know without them we wouldn’t play on our highest level, no chance. You have to appreciate that and it’s very easy for me. I know I am responsible for the performance, but the people are responsible for the atmosphere.

“So, it should be a win-win situation. When we play well, it’s easy to get the crowd going and when we don’t play well, we need you to encourage us - get on your feet, tell us ‘come on’ - you have to be the stars then.

“I want us to have the best atmosphere in world football and there is no limit to what we can do actually.

“I love it how people really are involved in the game, but there’s still space for improvement - from our side performance-wise, but also to keep the atmosphere really on the highest level.

“This is a fantastic moment to be a Liverpudlian, because it’s all so positive in a not-so-positive world.

“So yeah, you are welcome to be involved in any way that you want and I say it again, let’s really have the best time of our lives.”

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