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Trent Alexander-Arnold: The Confidence of a Future Liverpool Legend

Trent Alexander-Arnold is filled with self-assurance thanks to Jürgen Klopp and the support of his teammates.

Chelsea v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

I can’t look at Trent Alexander-Arnold without thinking I’m looking at a Liverpool legend in it’s infancy. I imagine myself telling strangers fifteen years from now that I knew Trent would be world-class. I witnessed his early years in the first team, before everything, before he became Liverpool captain.

The story of the local, die-hard supporter who eventually becomes his club’s superstar is just so good. Steven Gerrard’s whole thing can be repeated and maybe even surpassed (gasp) by Alexander-Arnold and I think about it sometimes.

Trent just turned twenty-years-old and has featured 54 times for Liverpool—that’s ten more appearances than Gerrard at the same age. Boom. Surpassed.

Alexander-Arnold helped Jürgen Klopp’s team to a Champions League final last season. He needed help along the way and learned a host of lessons but Trent also excelled consistently throughout the season on his own and was an asset for the team.

“I think over the 50-odd games that I’ve played, I’ve just grown in confidence in myself,” said Alexander-Arnold.

“That’s down to team-mates and the people I’ve got around me who fill me with that confidence.

“Whenever I go out on that pitch I feel like I’ve got a point to prove. I know that I’ve got the ability to perform at this level and I think the manager’s trust shows that he believes that as well.

”So I go out there to show the fans and everyone else why he’s shown that faith in me.”

Jürgen Klopp has earned his reputation in the game with results and a genuine personality. A presence like Klopp, as a leader, is perfect for building up young players and integrating them into Melwood. He emphasizes unity and trust and that breeds much-needed confidence for teenagers thrust into the spotlight’s churning jaws for the first time.

“From the start he gave me confidence,” Alexander-Arnold said. “He told me that I belonged in this squad and that I was good enough to train and play with them.

“Obviously when you’ve got a world-class manager like him saying things to you, you’re bound to be filled with confidence.

“Jurgen is an incredible man-manager and he knows the right things to say at the right time.

“He’s helped me a lot with the way I act on the pitch and my body language and so forth, and I think I’ve matured since making my debut, on and off the pitch.”

That’s exactly what a legend would say.

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