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Klopp Talk: Can Likely to Run Down Contract at Liverpool

The boss doesn’t think the club can do anything to stop Can from leaving the club in the summer.

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It’s been a brutal weekend for Liverpool. The Reds crashed out of the FA Cup after a 2-3 defeat to West Bromwich Albion, and we’re back to wondering if this is a blip (because all unbeaten runs have to end one day) or a sign that the club has returned to its old habits of struggling against the worst clubs in the league. One thing is for certain though: Emre Can had a dreadful showing, and perhaps that’s a good reminder for Liverpool fans as his career as a Red inches closer to its inevitable end.

The German international isn’t likely to leave Liverpool in the next few days, but it doesn’t look like he’s particularly interested in making a deal to stay at the club after this summer.

“He’ll stay beyond the winter,” Klopp said about the stalled contract negotiations between Liverpool and Can. “Emre is still a young lad but he has developed into a great player and is very important for us. Sometimes a player just wants to sit out his contract. That’s not cool for the club, but there are moments in which you have to accept it.”

And this weekend’s performance on the pitch aside, the boss believes Can has been handling his quiet and drawn-out exit from the club with utmost professionalism.

“As long as the player behaves like Emre does, then I have absolutely nothing to complain about,” Klopp continued. “He gives everything he has and identifies with the club.”

Can has been vocal about his commitment to the club for the time being. Hopefully, the club can also get a few more excellent performances out of Can before the season ends.

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