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Moreno Determined to Win His Place Back

The Spaniard is set to return after missing the last ten games with injury.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

It’s an odd old game, football. After having his quality and place in the side constantly questioned while staying impossibly healthy for three and a half years, Alberto Moreno went on the best 20-game run of his career before suffering an ankle injury that would keep him out for nearly two months.

Furthermore, where Liverpool’s depth at left-back has traditionally been such that even a semi-fit starter would be preferable to whoever their back-up might be, this season, Andrew Robertson has proven himself to be a perfectly competent player, perhaps even on a path to bypassing his Spanish rival.

It’s the sort of circumstance that could make anyone bitter of their bad fortune, but, utterly unsurprisingly, Alberto Moreno isn’t the bitter type.

”Obviously, as a result of my injury, [Robertson] has taken his chance and grabbed it with both hands,” the 25-year old told the official site.

“You’ve got to be absolutely honest and sincere and say that he’s doing really, really well. He’s put in some great performances and played some great matches.

”It was tough for him at the start of the season, not being involved, I’m sure. It’s also never easy to come into the first team mid-season, so I think he’s coped with that really well.

“There’s never a good time in a footballer’s career to get an injury, it’s never a good thing to happen,” the former Sevilla man continued.

”But whenever these things happen you’ve got to be strong mentally and keep your focus on getting back as quickly as possible.

”I’ve never been in such good form at any stage in my career - not just with Liverpool but with Sevilla as well - so it was a bad time. But that’s football, it’s full of ups and downs. In your career you’ve got to take the good with the bad.

”But I’m training really hard now and determined to do all that I possibly can through hard work to try and win my place back.”

Magnanimous, optimistic, and perhaps a little more pragmatic than was the case when he arrived at Anfield back in 2014, Alberto Moreno seems to have found the right level of maturity to balance his exuberant enthusiasm. Hopefully, he can pick up where he left off and push both his own and Robertson’s game to the next level.

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