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Wijnaldum Hopes For Consistency in Liverpool Performances

The Dutchman was pleased with Sunday’s result and wants to see it keep happening.

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Liverpool v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Victoria Haydn/Man City via Getty Images

Georginio Wijnaldum, who stood toe-to-toe with his fellow Dutchman Kevin de Bruyne on Sunday, was incredibly pleased with Liverpool’s winning display and hopes that the Reds can continue to fight. Liverpool scored an incredible victory over the league leaders that, in typical Liverpool fashion, became a nail-biter by the end when they allowed City to pull back two goals in the dying stages of the game.

Despite the cock-up at the end, Liverpool’s tireless pressing and fearless endeavor is rightly getting all the attention in the days following. Gini himself played one of his best games for the team, helping Liverpool wrench control of the midfield from a harried City side.

“I don’t know where it came from,” Wijnaldum said. “Even after we scored the fourth we were pressing and trying to regain the ball and create chances.

“It was a difficult game. We did a lot of things right; we scored four goals and unfortunately we conceded three, but we are happy to give them their first defeat of the season.”

Gini refuses to rest on laurels, though, and cautions that what Liverpool need now is to show they can play that well against any opposition. Most other teams won’t require the kind of frenzied pressing that Klopp engineered against Manchester City, and thank goodness, because that looks exhausting. It’s possible that Andy Robertson might still be sleeping that off.

It’s getting the win by any means necessary that Wijnaldum feels is important.

“Every game is a new game. We have showed that we can beat Manchester City, a good team – one of the best in the league,” he continued. “But we have to put in that performance every week. That’s the biggest challenge we have. I don’t want to say ‘it says this about us’ because every game is a new game and we have to perform.”

“It was just the gameplan. If a player comes in, he has to do the things the manager said about how we want to play. He had a gameplan and that’s what we did.”

The next test that Liverpool face will be a Swansea side that sit dead last in the table. In previous seasons, these kinds of teams were Liverpool’s Achilles heel. They could perform against the top six, but face a team in the bottom half and they failed to find a way through the defensive wall. This season, however, Liverpool seemed to have finally broken that curse. They’ve shown up and dominated in matches that would have given them real trouble last season. With any luck that’s the Liverpool that we’ll see on Monday.

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