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Dejan Lovren Reveals Injury Woes

According to the much maligned defender, he hurts pretty much everywhere.

Leicester City v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Generally speaking, Liverpool fans worry about their players going away on international break and getting injured. According to Dejan Lovren, he’s already injured and playing through a great deal of pain, but that didn’t stop Croatian coach Ante Cacic from calling up the defender ahead of crucial World Cup qualifier matches against Finland and Ukraine.

In an interview with Croatian outlet Sportske Novosti, Lovren described his recent struggles with niggling injuries.

"I have problems for the last two weeks with my whole body, it hurts," Lovren told the outlet. "I have problems with my back...and now I have hurt my Achilles tendon.

"I play, but I'm not training at all. I can't train. The biggest problem is my back. That's why I skipped the matches against Manchester City and Burnley in the Premier League.

"I have big problems with the left side of my body. I'm taking pills so I can play. I take five pills before every game."

"All this time I'm playing under tablets. It's not normal to have four or five tablets before each game. I wanted to play, the coach put me in the team, but it is not good.

"I'm worse and worse. For a long time, it makes no sense."

The defender informed his national team manager about his condition, but he was called-up anyway, surly figuring if Lovren can make defensive mistakes for Liverpool, he can do the same for his national team.

That the 28-year-old defender is having to play each match so heavily medicated would go a long way in explaining away his mental lapses. Hopefully the defender comes back to Merseyside after the qualifiers in no worse condition than he’s already in, and the medical staff can figure out a solution to all that ails him.

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