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Klopp Talk: “I Think We Can All Expect We Will Be Better”

There are things to work on, particularly in defence, but Jürgen Klopp thinks his side have mostly played well.

Leicester City v Liverpool - Carabao Cup Third Round Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Liverpool have played well, for the most part, in September. The results, though, have gone against them with two draws and two losses to show for the month so far. For manager Jürgen Klopp there are clearly concerns, issues that need to be addressed, but the Liverpool boss thinks it isn’t a time for panic.

“We have still really played well,” the Liverpool manager said when asked about the club’s recent run of poor results, including a loss to Leicester City, who dumped them out of the League Cup on Tuesday evening and who they will now face in a rematch in the Premier League on Saturday afternoon.

Based on chances created and conceded, on possession and key passes and the areas the games have been played in, the expectation would be for Liverpool to win at least three of their last four games—the heavy, red card fuelled loss to Manchester City set to one side—far more often than not.

That they haven’t means there are things to work on. That Liverpool have seen themselves undone by goals against the run of play from their opponents far too often means there’s work to be done. But there isn’t some massive gap between how Liverpool have played and how they must aspire to.

“That’s how it is in the end,” Klopp said. “We haven’t scored as much as we want but we still create these good moments and a lot of things work really well and our opponents struggle in these moments to defend us. But then yes it is too easy for them to make an impact in the game with one situation.

“I think we can all expect we will be better in situations around our goal, but it’s an inch or a centimetre. It’s not half a yard so what can you say to them? We work on it and we try to sort a few of these problems but obviously it’s not enough so we need to be still more concentrated in these situations.”

Play the last three games over again and there’s every chance Liverpool come out with three wins. That doesn’t mean there aren’t problems that need to be addressed, but this isn’t a Liverpool side in a crisis—this isn’t a side that’s lost its way completely. There are issues, but mostly the team has played well.

“We have to carry on and do the right things and be more clinical,” Klopp added. “We need to better use these moments, so that is the situation. That’s what it is and we have to carry on.”

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