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Matip: “We Have To Learn From This”

The centre-back repeats what’s on all our minds.

Liverpool FC v Sevilla FC - UEFA Champions League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

The Liverpool dressing room is probably not the happiest place right now. Players have been frank about just how confused and disappointed they are about the final score against Sevilla on Wednesday, and it feels like everyone is trying to figure out how best to keep the defence awake and paying attention through an entire game.

Joel Matip, a member of said defence who isn’t Klavan or Lovren (and thus automatically wins points), was as befuddled by Sevilla managing to net both of their shots on target as the rest of us.

“It’s hard to say (what went wrong),” Matip said after the game. “Every player acts for the defence. The two goals don’t look too good.”

No, Matip. They don’t. But they also end up looking wearily familiar. Sevilla was able to capitalise on Liverpool’s defensive mistakes to walk away with a point.

“They used their chances,” Matip added. “Sometimes one or two goals have to be enough to win a game.”

Frustrating as games like these are, a draw against a team like Sevilla is a crucial reminder that the Reds are probably not as catastrophically bad as we’ve made them out to be in our heads. It’s also a good reminder of just how much more the team has to do.

“We’ll have to look at them again and see another solution to do better next time. We have to learn from this and ensure it does not happen again,” Matip said. “It was not easy, especially after conceding an early goal but we came back and showed what we are.”

“We have one point more than before [though] and it’s better than nothing.”

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