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Klopp on Transfers: “A Lot of Things Are Really Possible”

Liverpool are still looking to do business before the transfer window closes next week.

Liverpool FC Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

What a difference a shiny, new toy could have on our collective malaise over this transfer window’s various kerfuffles. A sparkling center back to shore up Liverpool’s defense. A fresh, creative midfielder to take our cares away. Jürgen Klopp could turn our frowns upside down with a couple more leans at Melwood before next Thursday’s deadline.

“Until August 31st a lot of things are really possible. In and out,” said Klopp in today’s pre-Arsenal press conference.

“We work on it, as you can imagine. But this transfer window is different to all other transfer windows.

“If, and I said it a few times, the transfer window closes tomorrow, I am happy with it”

So, there’s work happening behind the scenes to get one or two players in because that’s necessary. BUT, if nothing else happens then no problem, totally happy. Sure, got it. Clear as mud.

To be fair, Klopp must keep up appearances amidst the swirl of ordure that fans fling Liverpool’s way. And there’s no point acting disappointed in front of journalists no matter how club-friendly they may be.

“Everyone thought: ‘Robertson? From Hull?’ But he showed up against Palace,” said Klopp.

“Dominic Solanke showed everything you want to see from a new player. Mo Salah we don’t need to talk about.

“Milner in midfield is like a transfer. Moreno is like a new life back.”

Wait, I’ve played this one before: When Philippe Coutinho returns from international duty he’ll be like a new signing, too. Also, Daniel Sturridge. Also, Joe Gomez and Trent Alexander-Arnold. So many like-new signings. Profit.

In the meantime, rumour mongering continues to link Liverpool with both potential and questionable targets. But at this stage it’s likely that whatever lustrous carriage arrives on Merseyside between now and August 31 already has it’s wheels set in motion.

Is the big board actively working on getting Virgil van Dijk over the line or, in lieu of that, hashing out a contract with an undisclosed target? We don’t know. Is there a serious alternative to Naby Keita that serious people are having lunch about right now? Ask again later.

“I am happy at the moment,” said Klopp. “Will I be happy on the 31st? I don’t know.”


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