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Liverpool’s 2017-18 Kit the Most Popular Yet

The kits ship with a side order of the scent of hope and glory.

Liverpool FC v 1899 Hoffenheim - UEFA Champions League Qualifying Play-Offs Round: Second Leg Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

We’re barely into the season and Liverpool are already smashing all expectations, breaking all records, and generally proving the naysayers wrong. Sure, the Reds are back in the Champions League and a lot of us can already hear YNWA echoing through Europe, but of equal importance is the fact that Liverpool’s current home kit is the most popular the club has ever made.

The 125th anniversary strip is undeniably well-designed, so the fact that kits have been flying off the shelf (even with the Western Union sleeves) should come as no surprise to anyone. To meet the ridiculously high demand, Liverpool have launched a pre-order system for when they receive a new shipment of kits, sometime in mid-October. That means that, if Coutinho wants to make another show of loyalty, which the team and fans sorely need right now, he’ll have to get a head start before Liverpool run out of pre-ordered kits, too.

The club, presumably more than a bit chuffed at the amount of money they’re raking in, has attributed the high sales to the kits’ “retro styling which marks the club’s illustrious 125-year history.”

And there’s something to be said for that. Each distinctive design element hearkens back to the club’s glory days, and with them thrown together — the slightly darker shade of red from Bill Shankly’s time with the v-neck of 1984 — it distinctly feels like we’re walking with giants, on the cusp of greatness again.

Or we could just agree that it’s just a really, really pretty kit and leave it at that.

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