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Klopp Positive About Can Contract Negotiations

While not ideal, Klopp seems confident and relaxed about Emre Can’s contract.

Watford v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Instead of engaging in heated debate about the ceiling of his hair or his best position in midfield, recent talk has surrounded the future of Emre Can on Merseyside. The 23-year-old only has a year remaining on his contract but does not look close to signing an extension.

Worried? Perhaps you should be. Liverpool have continued to show that efforts and intent still amount to little in terms of tangible benefits that can push the club forward. Is Emre Can worth £100,000 a week? Before answering the question, do you think Dejan Lovren should be paid more than Can? Science.

As always, Jürgen Klopp is asked about these matters in the build-up to games when he really should be answering questions about the match at hand. However, that would not provide revealing quotes and potentially entertaining exchanges for all to enjoy. Klopp, as we know, is usually quite plain when speaking about his players so it was not a surprise for the 50-year-old to offer little in the way of spin concerning Can’s contract.

“So far there is no signing and that is the situation,” Klopp said. “We are still in talks. Do I think it is too cool that we didn’t fix it so far? No, to be honest. But it is all okay at the moment and we have to take it like this.

“His mind is not elsewhere. It is an important contract for him at his age. I am 100% sure that we don’t sell the player now in this situation. Not a player from the first team line-up for sure.

“He will play here for the next year that is for sure. All the rest we have to see.”

Klopp went on to reveal that this year was when talks were scheduled anyway, giving the impression that an agreement may very well be close considering that only "a few little details" stand between another new signing for the club.

“In Germany these kind of pressures come up one year before the contract ends. In England it is two years before,” Klopp continued. “Last year there was no real readiness for negotiations but this year we have talked.

“It’s clear we want him and he also wants to stay. It is about a few little details. It’s not about having to make a decision about bringing in another player in the same position, the same size, the same skills.

“Emre is on a good way. He has really improved in a lot of parts and is a really important player for us. He can play different positions. The situation is not perfect, I would prefer that he has already signed, but I am still positive we can find the right solution for both sides.”

Now we wait...

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