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Former Red Weighs In On Coutinho Problem

The Player Also Known As God believes it may be best if Coutinho stuck around for a bit.

Watford v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Alex Broadway/Getty Images

When you’re in the middle of transfer-window related angst, it’s always good to turn to friends and family for a healthy dose of perspective. And as the Coutinho saga unfolds and a satisfactory resolution seems far from a foregone conclusion, it’s good to have an external perspective on how to keep your players’ heads in the game.

My non-football watching friends were willing to offer several ways to keep the Brazilian happy at the club: daily deliveries of freshly-baked muffins, and regular cuddles with German Shepherds Klopp could order to reign in players were two of the more sensible suggestions that came up. Both are probably worth a try if anyone from Anfield is reading.

But it’s probably worth listening to the experts too, in this case.

Former Red and constant deity, Robbie Fowler, believes that Liverpool’s experiences with Naby Keïta have given them the edge in negotiating with Coutinho’s camp.

“Leipzig had the power after all,” Fowler said about Keïta’s failed deal in his Sunday Mirror column. “Keïta has already indicated he'll get his head down and play because he has a contract, and he'll wait for next summer, Coutinho probably has to do the same.”

“I think [Coutinho] should stop digging now. He's already given himself a major problem with the fans, and he's got to make sure it doesn't go any deeper.”

“His best option now is to wait until September 1, then play the season of his life, win something... and, well, Luis Suarez got his move eventually.”

“As Jürgen Klopp said, every player has a price when the time is right.

Next summer may be the right time.

Until then though, it’s probably worth looking into daily muffin baskets. Just in case.

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