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Former Red Would Sell Coutinho for £100M

Ex-striker Dean Saunders finds Philippe Coutinho to be replaceable and how do we turn this thing off?

Liverpool FC v Leicester City FC: Premier League Asia Trophy Photo by Victor Fraile/Getty Images

Sometimes people say silly things because they want to be silly. They want you to laugh. And that's great. You tell them thank you for the good times and continue on, encouraged that silliness still exists in the world. But sometimes people say silly things because they believe a player like Philippe Coutinho could be replaced by a player like Gylfi Sigurdsson. And these people are obviously to be avoided. Unfortunately, sometimes a microphone is provided for these people instead.

Today it's former Liverpool striker Dean Saunders who gets the honor of saying something silly to the whole world. Saunders, who had a stint partnering Ian Rush on the goal scoring dance floor, believes Liverpool should sell Coutinho if Barcelona drop £100 million on him.

"£100million sell him," Saunders has said into a talkSport microphone.

"For me he's replaceable. You could sign Isco for £30million. He's not going to get a game at Real Madrid."

It's unknown where Saunders purchased his footballer replaceability scale but it doesn't appear to take into account anything other than field position and a knack for cleverness with a ball.

Coutinho is at the core of Liverpool's attacking play and throughout preseason Klopp has been working on the Brazilian's connection with new signing Mohamed Salah. If Naby Keita arrives it will be the same. We are entering Coutinho's peak years as a footballer, he's settled on Merseyside and, with Lucas gone, Phil, Aine and the pugs are the adorable family we will rely on to see us through the hard times.

"Juan Mata, Sigurdsson. There are players you could sign to replace Coutinho," Saunders said. "Suarez was irreplaceable. Certain players are irreplaceable.

"I like Coutinho. The last game I watched he was brilliant but £100million? Once they knock the door as a player he's gone."

So somebody who doesn't watch a whole lot of Liverpool's matches, moved constantly throughout his career, and goes goopy when thinking about the big-numbers money wants Liverpool to sell one of their most important players because it looks like maybe we could get Sigurdsson.

10 out of 10, this is a bad dog.

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