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Dejan Backs Lovren to be a Liverpool Success

The Croatian defender sees himself as one of the leaders in this Liverpool team.

West Bromwich Albion v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Some players we love. We just love them. They’re amazing players. And we imagine that they are terrific people. And we love them for it. Then there are some players who are, let’s say, more of a challenge. Dejan Lovren has perhaps the most determination of anyone in the squad to be recognized for his efforts but is also perhaps the most divisive of players for supporters. Sometimes he is on. Often when he has a cooler-headed center back partner to stand beside Lovren has looked very good at his job. Other times, he ends up sliding, swinging or twisting at all the wrong times and in all the wrong ways and the goodwill that The Dejan had garnered just a week prior goes up in smoke.

But does this hamper Lovren’s self-assurance one iota?

“We have quite a few players who have leadership in them,” said Lovren.

“I think I’m one of them.”

This guy.

I’m a Lovren apologist. And if Chuck can’t handle that we may just have to stop sharing an office at TLO Towers. I’ve got a lot of stuff so I think he should move. But we can debate that in the comments.

There’s just something about Lovren. He is unmoved by poor performances. I like that. Because he has done some criminally insane things out of a football pitch. Things that not even Alberto Moreno would do. Joke. And his confidence in himself is never shattered. Never? Never.

“The most important thing is the team” said Lovren, “I will give everything for the team. Hopefully, I can be like Lucas one day so people can say I made a big impact.”

Lucas? Mate.

But this is Dejan Lovren. He wants to be great. He really, really, really does. Whether it’s for glory on the pitch or being a long-serving, never-give-up, earn-their-respect-slowly type of player like Lucas Leiva. He’ll take it either way.

But his ego only goes so far. Lovren is also a hard worker for the team and Jürgen Klopp has both praised and relied on the player for much of his time at Liverpool. That support from the manager is going a long way for the Croatian defender.

“I feel I’m getting more ready and more powerful,” Lovren added. “I want to be more powerful and to show to everyone that I’m one of the best defenders in the Premier League.”

(pause for eye-rolling to die down)

Lovren has his limitations. But just like Philippe Coutinho (stay with me) he’s had spells of topsy-turvy form. Klopp can, has and will continue to make our boys better individually and as a team. Lovren’s place in the team next season is still up in the air considering any movement for Virgil van Dijk or any new defender has stalled. But his place in the squad looks strong. Powerful?

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