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Watch: Liverpool Players in Keepy-Uppy Showdown

It looks like the Reds are enjoying their time in Hong Kong.

Premier League Asia Trophy - Day 1 Photo by Victor Fraile/Getty Images

Liverpool kicked off the Premier League Asia Trophy this week with a 2-0 win over Crystal Palace, and it looks like they’re continuing their brutal pre-season training regime with some highly competitive keepy-uppy.

The players used small-sized balls and were divided into three groups. The winners of each group then faced each other in the final round.

James Milner took on the role of adjudicator and the power clearly went to his head: unsatisfied with a simple game, he almost immediately began encouraging a bit of violence to make things interesting.

Gini Wijnaldum won the first group, Trent Alexander-Arnold was declared the victor in the second, and Mohamed Salah was the only man left standing amidst the debris of group three.

Gini, Salah, and Trent squared off in the most pleasant final of a keepy-up battle ever, where Gini calmly coasted to victory.

You can watch the entire challenge below.

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