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Mignolet: It’s Good to be Back

Preseason is nigh and Liverpool are eager to kick it off on a strong note.

Watford v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

The holiday pictures we were getting from the team’s Instagram accounts were delightful, but it’s good to have everyone returning to Melwood and getting ready for what everyone hopes will be an incredible season. The team seems to feel the same way, going by just how excited Simon Mignolet is.

“It's always nice to be back. We had a good break but then you always look forward to the season,” Mignolet told the club’s official website this weekend. “We're back here with all the team, seeing all the new faces and everybody again, it was nice to see them and start training again.”

Preseason fixtures are about to begin, and the team is in good shape and excited to kick it off on a high note against Tranmere Rovers on Wednesday.

“With no tournaments this summer - although Emre of course played at the Confederations Cup - we had good time off, so everybody's very hungry to start again,” Mignolet added. “I think everybody did their work when they were away and now all together we'll prepare for the season as best we can so we can start on a high and make sure we have a good basis to get through a long season.”

And just like Lucas, Mignolet finds those first few days of training when the players are evaluated on just how much work they managed to get done over the break, a tiny bit harrowing.

“On the first day you're always a bit nervous to see what's coming and you know the tests are there to see how you've done in the off-season,” Mignolet explained. “But that's all part and parcel of preseason, making sure we're here with a good basis, and then we can crack on in the next few weeks to make sure we're ready for the new season.”

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