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Liverpool Fitness Update: Klopp Waits On Firmino And Lucas

An injury-plagued season continues for Liverpool. See inside for a special offer of good news amongst the bad.

Liverpool v Southampton - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

When I’m feeling too much LOL, I find that the perfect remedy is to dive into Liverpool’s most updated injured player list. Good feelings dissipate almost immediately. For instance, you may have a good smile going on right now but you feel like it may be too much. Well, neither Roberto Firmino nor Lucas Leiva have trained at all this week and are both questionable for the West Ham match on Sunday. Better?

Your smile has disappeared and you may continue on with your day, uninhibited. But, for those with more serious issues such as laughter, you may need a dose of injury information that includes more specifics in order to completely eradicate your joy. For that we’ll look to the manager.

“Firmino felt a muscle,” said Jürgen Klopp in his pre-West Ham press conference today. “We have left him out of training.

“Lucas felt two different muscles,” Klopp said, adding a new, two-muscle twist to the prescription.

That feeling of diminishing cheer is normal. Long-serving Liverpool supporters will know it well.

But now that we’re all thoroughly crestfallen and thus in the right frame of mind going into the weekend, it probably wouldn’t effect our melancholy too much to just have a peak at a couple of bright sides. Just for the sake of sharing all the information.

“Lucas could be able to train today,” Klopp said. “Roberto, it could be Saturday. We have to wait and give him as much time as possible.”

A lot of “could” in those statements. The team “could” be firing at peak eighty percent on Sunday. We “could” be happy about Liverpool’s injury ravaged season. But we’re not. That’s normal.

Firmino’s absence “could” make way for the clinical Daniel Sturridge to get a first start for the club since some far away time in the past that no one remembers.

“How it looked yesterday, he is ready,” said Klopp of the England striker. “But it is difficult. Can you start a player and think about 40 minutes and then change?”

Klopp is obviously an expert at dissolving any jubilation we may have for starting Sturridge. That comes with practice.

It’s anybody’s guess what the starting lineup will look like on Sunday. Adam Lallana will have eyes on getting into the eleven. So, too the likes of Marko Grujic, who came on briefly against Southampton, and Divock Origi, who will want to continue his run in the side.

“It’s not a name we bring on the pitch,” said Klopp. “It is the player, the human being in a specific shape.”

We hear you. But start Sturridge and we can deal with the fall out later.

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