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Klopp: “It Is Clear His Season Is Over”

Jürgen Klopp confirms that Sadio Mané will undergo surgery and will not return to training until the summer.

Liverpool v Everton - Premier League Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

There is a curse, maybe. Or definitely. How else are we to understand all this interference in Liverpool’s all-too-important run-in? Injuries and illness are zapping the team’s mojo, leaving the outcome of the next seven games fairly unpredictable. Sadio Mané’s absence will be felt perhaps most jarringly. His speed up and down the left flank is crucial to Liverpool’s attack. But there’s nothing to be done about the player’s situation with Jürgen Klopp confirming today that the Senegalese winger will undergo surgery knee and will miss the remainder of the season.

“Sadio will, we’re pretty sure, need surgery,” said Klopp. “Then, it is clear his season is over.”

“That’s what I expected, actually, when I saw the video after the game. I thought he was lucky not more happened.

There is no date set for the surgery and the manager admits that he’s is not sure when it will be scheduled but the consensus is that action needs to be taken to fix Mane’s knee. Speciality instruments. Anesthesia. The hospital gown with the matching hat. We’re going to need pictures.

“He will be ready for the next season,” said Klopp. “That’s the only good news.

“He’ll have a long break until next season.”

The hope for Mané would be that this surgery happens sooner rather than later. A full recovery by the player before the club’s preseason begins is vital to Liverpool’s start to the next campaign.

Here in the present though, we have seven matches left to play. Seven matches that will decide Liverpool’s Champions League fate. We need a hero.

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