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Fallen Angel: Mamadou Sakho Goes Down Against Spurs

Liverpool’s on-loan defender suffered a knee injury at Selhurst Park against Tottenham.

Crystal Palace v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
Zaf sighting.
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

One man’s misfit is another man’s hero. Mamadou Sakho, on the outs with Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp, headed to Crystal Palace on loan and almost instantly become a crucial member of Sam Allardyce’s stability crew. Fans of The Eagles have quickly taken to Sakho for his contribution to their club’s late push up the table. He’s so good for Palace, Sakho got the day off when they played Liverpool and the London boys still won. But as you know already, there is sad news afoot for our Mamadou. Injury news. It’s the knee. And it did not look good.

Just eight minutes into the second half at Selhurst Park, Sakho sprung himself forward to make a tackle on Harry Kane and whammo, the twisting. The France international went down immediately and the docs were out on the pitch in a flash.

“It looks like ligament trouble for Mama,” said Allardyce after the game.

“We certainly hope it’s not the cruciate but it could be the medial or the lateral.”

Who’s been moonlighting in the physio room?

What’s happened is potentially a major blow for a player who was performing well and getting accolades again. And my heart goes out to the guy. I want to see Sakho do well for himself. That’s just kind of a part of who I am.

But what does this mean to you? To us? To Liverpool? What does it all mean for the future? Our future. The Greater Good.

Of course, that’s not easy to answer until we know the magnitude of Sakho’s injury. But.

When the magnitude of Sakho’s injury is finally known and it’s known to be quite serious, complete with a lengthy layoff, that would be very much complicating things in terms of a transfer for Mamadou to the paying club of his choice this summer. That’s money that may not be heading to Liverpool. But.

Are there odds that Sakho’s injury is minor and scans will show a knee situation that can be healed in a relatively short amount of time? I want to say, no. Because that twist. Because you shouldn’t hope for foolish things. But, yes, I’m sure odds people have odds on that. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from odds people, etc.

If Crystal Palace can find the scratch, Sam Allardyce would grab up Sakho as quickly as he could in a couple months time. Other suitors have likely even been waiting in the wings. But, if the knee is wrecked, negotiations may take on a different tone or put on hold on together.

I’m handwringing, I know. But honestly I’d be disappointed to see Sakho spend anymore time in limbo. #FreeMamadou

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