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Sami Hyypia Isn’t Finnish(ed) with these Reds

You see what you’re doing to me, Liverpool? You have me resorting to puns.

Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Brace yourselves for this important, breaking story, but Liverpool have been playing like shit since the dawn of 2017. And even more of a shocker, people have been commenting on said shit play.

Thankfully, the latest to throw his two cents in is cult hero Liverpool defender Sami Hyypia. It’s OK, we’re in a safe space with Sami, y’all.

“It’s very important to stick together and trust the way you are playing. You have to help each other on the pitch even more,” Hyypia told the official website while on a tour for LFC World in Hong Kong.

“I’ve been in the situation where games are not going your way many times and [sometimes people] look to blame somebody else, other than themselves. I think you have to look at yourself first and do your job properly and also help others around you.

“Pointing fingers at people around, at everybody else, doesn’t take you further, it only makes things more complicated. Everyone has to have the belief and the trust that we are doing the right things and I think that’s the way to go forward.”

“Every team goes through a bad patch in the season, but it’s important that you sort things out quickly and maybe concentrate on the simple things that you have to do right rather than doing things [that are] too complicated.”

Good advice from a man who has been through some rough patches with Liverpool. Of course, this current bad patch is turning into a disaster, threatening to torpedo any and all improvement we hoped to see this season.

And he’s right that a return to the basics is an important first step. In recent months, Klopp’s infamous press has largely gone missing, and with it, the results have suffered. So, listen to Sami, Reds. You can still make something of this season.

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