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Can Has Things to Say About Lovren

I love all of these answers.

Liverpool v Sevilla - UEFA Europa League Final Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Emre Can may be in a contract stand-off with Liverpool, and sure, we may have a lot of questions to ask about his consistency on the pitch, but never let it be said that the man doesn’t know how to provide a modest chuckle at the expense of one of his teammates.

Can sat down with the official Liverpool website to answer a series of rapid-fire questions about his teammates. He was mostly flattering. Mostly.

He named Henderson as being the best passer, Coutinho as the most talented, and Klavan as the hardest man. He also spared a moment to (correctly) identify Loris Karius’ hair as the best on the squad, so he’s clearly a man with sound judgement.

Here are some of his more flattering responses:

Funniest : “It was Kolo (Toure), but now, Lucas.

Future manager : "Milner

Best dressed : "There are a few there. Sturridge, Loris Karius, me...yeah.

Best dancer : "Sturridge

However, the questions (and the answers) veered to the less-than-flattering when Can got on the topic of Lovren.

Worst hair : "I am saying now, Dejan Lovren because he is always complaining about mine.

Worst dancer : "Again, Dejan maybe.

Worst dressed : "Dejan, for sure.

Best cook : "I think Dejan again, he is always speaking about food and about his chef at home."

I think the last one may be my favourite because of the implication that the only reason Lovren is the best cook is because of his personal chef.

Friendship is beautiful.

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