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This Week in Ink: Coutinho’s Mickey Mouse Tattoo

Can the diminutive attacking mid get any more totes adorbs? Yes. Yes he can.

Liverpool v Burnley - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

In the grand scheme of things, the tattoos of our favorite footballing heroes probably doesn’t matter that much. But one needs only to take the briefest of glances at the ongoing catastrophuck that is the global geopolitical situation, and suddenly Philippe’s Coutinho’s tattoo situation becomes a very welcome distraction.

Apparently Coutinho, already the most totally adorable member of Liverpool’s current squad (and yeah, yeah also the most talented) because of his love affair with his pugs (#puglife), gained even more OMG cute! cred with his latest tattoo choice: Mickey Mouse.

The famed cartoon rodent now adorns the abdomen of Coutinho. The all-black ink of just Mickey’s face is a classic choice, sure to age with distinction. However, this writer will go on record to voice his concerns about the inevitable deleterious march of time, and worry that Mickey won’t look as good on Coutinho’s future post-football dad bod.

Future concerns aside, it’s a good looking tattoo, perfect for the public persona Phil is carefully crafting for himself. I give it a solid B+, A- if it helps us qualify for Champions League.

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