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Klopp Looks To Change Narrative Against Spurs

We may not be title contenders anymore, but it’s really not all that bad.

Hull City v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Okay, so we haven’t won a game in a while. And yesterday’s game was a particularly bad specimen as far as bad games go. And we’re all still smarting from the fact that we didn’t manage to get any new blood this transfer period. But are things really all that bad?

Yes, they are.

On the other hand Jürgen Klopp, our former hero and deliverer of good things, believes that Liverpool’s fortunes may change.

"In a few days we have another opportunity to play football and we can show then that we are ready for all the other games, because it's Tottenham, who are a top team in the league," Klopp said, indicating his belief in the existence of a building narrative. "I think it would make sense for us to play our best in this game, and then we have to prove [that Liverpool can beat sides lower down in the league] later in the season.”

While he shares Klopp’s belief in Liverpool turning up against the Spurs, Jamie Carragher, former-Red-turned-Professional-Opinion-Haver, is not too positive about Liverpool’s chances in actually ending this season on a high note (i.e: a top four finish).

"I imagine after the weekend they'll be outside the top four and they will be outsiders now," Carragher observed after yesterday’s disastrous game. Manchester City beat Swansea at home today and Carragher could just remake himself as a really depressing soothsayer at this point.

But Klopp is completely focused on looking towards immediate solutions, and has made it clear that his target is a top four finish this season. Given the slightly less-packed schedule in the coming weeks (and the fact that the alternative is too depressing to really think about), this is still something that the team can fight towards.

“When I get up tomorrow I will only be solution-orientated. There are solutions, 100%. Now we have to change it, that’s a football thing,” Klopp said. “Even though at this moment it feels really bad it’s not the biggest problem in the world.”

It’s not the best rallying cry, but it’s the one we have.

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