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Origi Family Reunion At La Manga

Norwegian side Lillestrøm are also at the resort this week.

Plymouth Argyle v Liverpool - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Replay Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

I’ve got a running list of who isn’t currently at La Manga, and it’s quite short.

The Origi cousins aren’t on the list. Divock Origi is of course there with Liverpool, but so is his cousin, goalkeeper Arnold Origi, who plays for Lillestrøm in the Norwegian Premier League.

Training is obviously key in La Manga, but the Origi cousins are still taking the time out of their schedule to pop over to see each other and have dinner together. Hopefully, someone gets a lot of pictures of their food to keep us entertained between now and the next game on March 4th.

Dinner and joyous reunions aside, Origi (Divock) will likely want to prove himself at La Manga. After only starting in one Premier League game in 2017, and suffering a goal drought that was only broken in Liverpool’s 2-1 FA Cup defeat against Wolves in late-January, Origi’s form has been under question. He hasn’t let that affect him, though.

"As a striker you always want to score but the most important thing is to keep doing your thing, keep focused, keep playing your game," Origi said of the goal drought before the Wolves game. "If the qualities are there and the instinct is there, then it's just a matter of finding the right places.”

Origi is right. 2017 has had a rough start, but Liverpool have the time they need to regroup as a team, get focused, and come back ready to win. Here’s hoping that the trip to La Manga will be a source of something other than endless pieces about everyone at La Manga.

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