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Jürgen Klopp and the “Shadow of the Night” at Anfield

On a night of many gleeful noises, Alberto Moreno was substituted in the first half for an injury that Liverpool are hoping isn’t serious.

Liverpool FC v Spartak Moskva - UEFA Champions League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

It’s true, we couldn’t have ended THAT without a bit of bad news to sober the old demolition high. We watched Liverpool the victors best the blind-sided Spartak Moscow with a succession of seven unanswered goals. Philippe Coutinho scored a hat trick. Sadio Mané got two. Roberto Firmino. And finally, Mohamed Salah. Daniel Sturridge came close. James Milner shot into somebody’s legs, but I’m sure it’s trajectory was on target and flying passed the keeper. Everything was good. Dejan Lovren was even applauded off the pitch while being subbed for Trent Alexander-Arnold. But the silver lining of awesomeness has a little tear in it. It’s Alberto Moreno and he got himself into a situation and now he’s got a foot thing.

“That was the shadow of the night. It was a strange situation,” said Jürgen Klopp.

“He’s a tough guy. If he can’t continue the game you should consider if it is something serious.

“But in the treatment room he was a little bit more positive. Maybe we are lucky and it’s not too serious. We’ll see.”

Moreno was clearly affected by the injury-forced substitution, which gave way to worries over his short-term availability. If Alby’s worried, I think I should be worried. But I’m a worrier. And that’s another free nugget of truth about me that you didn’t know. I have light, brown hair, that’s another one. Deal with it.

But, you know, Moreno’s absence wasn’t all bad. Milner came on to replace Moreno and was playing with all the assuredness we saw from him last season. It was his cross that led to Sadio Mané’s jaw-dropping strike in the second half. I was in an office doing silent, joyful expletives.

The real problem is in regards to the Everton match just over the horizen where supporters, that’s us, would feel oh so very fine if every Klopp number one was fit and ready to take on the Merseyside derby. We want the A team in place when Liverpool face the Blues.

“We need all the boys for the next few weeks,” Klopp said, “but especially for the game on Sunday.”

Everton have been a mystery to me this season, having not followed their descent very closely, so I can’t say with any confidence who in their side might be providing the trouble for Liverpool’s defensive left. But at least Milner’s had a full half under his belt in a team that’s rounded up into form of late. He should be raring to go for another at Anfield on Sunday. With maybe Andy Robertson featuring on the bench. Who knows, it’s a crazy world.

Maybe Klopp will want to see what other positions Gini Wijnaldum shouldn’t play.

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