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Klavan: Liverpool Need to Create Their Luck

The Estonian defender talks about his main takeaways from the West Brom game.

Liverpool v Everton - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Ragnar Klavan had a good day against the Baggies on Wednesday night, but that was little consolation in the aftermath of an incredibly frustrating game all around. But, after the air around poor refereeing and worryingly ineffectual finishing has cleared, Klavan wants all of us to focus on the bright side. He’s willing to help guide you to that brighter side, too.

The fact that Anfield just hosted the Reds’ second consecutive draw at home, for example, shouldn’t be a source of concern as much as a compliment that we need to stop receiving.

“For us, this is a big compliment if [other teams] come only for a draw here and it’s all they want,” Klavan told the club’s official website after the game. “It shows us that we are on the right path, playing good and are always dangerous. But like always, you have to succeed in your performance when you have these 'little bit lesser' days.”

While West Brom definitely played towards ensuring a draw (they ended the game with 30% possession and six chances to Liverpool’s 14), the past few games have also seen controversial refereeing calls that did not go Liverpool’s way. Klavan wasn’t entirely sure Liverpool could blame the fates for that, though. When asked about the recent calls and if Liverpool are just unlucky right now, he said:

“Yes and no; with luck you need to work it for yourself – that’s important.

“In the last two games, we’ve lost four points and that’s a pity. But we have to keep on going, we are playing good, creating chances and the goals will come.

“The next game is already around the corner and we have to focus on that. We will take what was good from this game and try to improve what was not so good and keep on going.”

Liverpool will meet Bournemouth on Sunday, December 17th.

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